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In a matter of days after becoming a Frequency user, I had already, consciously or not, chosen my favorite channels. Among these, Vimeo Staff Picks, Devour, Reddit Video, Reuters, and TED, one raised above all in terms of just loving all content released on the channel: Vimeo Staff Picks.

Vimeo Staff Picks is the Channel that houses well, simply put, Vimeo Staff Picks. As a general lover of vimeo and the quality of content typically released on their site, I am always on the look out for the best of the best on their site. Whether it be short documentaries, time lapses, artistic collaborations or music videos, I enjoy them all.

This Channel has consistently released content that I favorite or feel a need to share over 90% of the time. Each day I sign in and view the feed, I know I’ll be getting my favorite material in one place. All this while still having quick access to my other favorite channels without surfing a million and one webpages. Call me lazy (I hope you don’t), but this day in age who can argue with something that makes your life simpler and allows you to see more in a shorter span of time.

So why is Vimeo Staff Picks, above all, one of my favorites? Well, just take a look at their content. I wake up in the morning and get to see beautiful time lapses of the night sky and the aurora borealis; exceptionally crafted, three minute videos that let me experience a natural wonder that reminds me of the beauty the world and universe holds. As the day goes on, I am exposed to thought provoking and eye opening documentaries about current issues and global problems: Illegal, a short film on the undocumented teens living in the United States (Released the same week Obama announced changes to US immigration policy). In the evenings, I can be entertained with short film productions by up-and-coming, unknown and even known, respectable filmmakers and musicians. Some of the recent few being Binky, a strange futuristic tear jerking short film featuring Max Records from “Where the Wild Things Are,” The Terms, a film based on the short story by Irish writer Mike McCormack starring Gary Lewis and Ciaran Flynn and lastly an animated short titled Shelly, about a lobster with a love for music.

Take a few minutes out of your day, learn something new, be inspired, enjoy the beauty of the world- Check out Vimeo Staff Picks on

Night Sky picture source: Astonomy Picture of the Day


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